BBCSO Core, Reaper, VST3 memory leak issues.

I posted this in Tech Talk/Hardware And Computers, but thought it might fit better in this area of the forums.

Hello, first post. This isn't to complain, rather hopefully inform. I've recently purchased BBCSO Core, and through the process of building up a template(my first dip into hundreds of tracks like this), I've discovered some memory issues happening on my system. I have a Dell Precision 7710 CAD workstation laptop, i7-6820HQ(4 physical/8 logical cores) @2.7 GHz, upgraded from 32 to 64GB of RAM. It's handling and loading everything very well using VST3, except about 30-45 minutes into playing around with fast notes with lots of tracks armed, setting levels, etc., the RAM usage begins to slowly creep up, and up, and up, without ever returning the memory back, and the glitching/pops/clicks begin to occur. It will eventually render the DAW session useless, with less than 1 GB of "free" memory remaining. If I close Reaper, the entire session of memory is dumped into the paged pool. I created a new project using the VSTi plugins instead(64-bit), and this issue does NOT happen. I stressed my machine for a few hours, and everything was fine with the RAM back and forth like you would expect. So now I'm building that VSTi project into my template to contain tracks for every articulation. I don't know if this is a common issue that others may have, or specific to my machine and Reaper settings, but I did want to share an issue that may possibly point to a glitch somewhere in the VST3 plugin, but there is a workaround for me, at least.