Max Richter Toolkit

The other day as I was surfing the Spitfire website and I was thinking about a product that could really help composers writing fo different genres. This product would be the Max Richter toolkit. It would almost be like the Ólafur Arnalds toolkit but with different plug ins. I feel that Max Richter is able to make the viewers feel so much emotion using very few instruments. This toolkit would include a very very deeply sampled piano that he often uses, an organ synth that he uses in scores to add a nice touch, some other synthesizers that he uses, and possibly a string quartet that builds chords and moves or has a lot of expression while playing. The organ and synths are not as important but I feel that the piano and string quartet is.

I love almost all of Spitfires libraries but I feel that there piano libraries are very limited. The Zimmer piano is to expensive for me, the Orchestral Grand is a very bright piano in my opinion, the Originals are great but they are very unique and you will only really use it for a specific score, and last but not least the Hauschka toolkit does not have a very deeply sampled piano. I am not trying to be like Spitfire products are bad I just think this is an are that they can improve on.

Let me know your thoughts.