British Drama Toolkit a Hit

Just purchased this today. WOW! What a collection of inspiring solo instruments. When I play piano and strings then add British Drama Toolkit, I drift into alfa, like I am not playing but listening. I am so impressed I think the next James Bond movie theme is within my reach. Feels and sounds really thrilling and epic. Well done. Thanks you to those who recommended it. It solved my problem.


  • That is great to hear!

    I was considering buying either BDT or the relative CDT during the APEX Sale, but never actually got to do it. Maybe I will consider making that purchase soon.

  • Well I was very surprised personally. It fits my style. If you go for it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks for your comment.

  • JJ_Hunter_50
    edited April 2022

    I tell you what I like best. You use the midi keyboard exclusively for velocity and expression, not a controller. This should be in every library in my opinion. Get rid of controllers and just write without distraction.

  • It works well with BDT, but with many of the more 'standard' sounding libraries, having both expression and dynamic faders are integral to the realism of the produced sounds and textures. Personally, I don't view the extra controls as 'distraction' but rather as opportunity for creating precisely what I am intending.

    Glad you are pleased with your purchase! Spitfire makes wonderful products.

  • I may not be as technical or as mechanical as you. Using expression and volume is required with other libraries. Just not this one. I do use BDT as a filler to my other libraries as it adds dimension and an etherial aspect which I appreciate in my soundtracks. I am anti-expression device as an added extra. I believe it can be "built in" as a learning AI algorithm to all sound libraries and could "feel" the way you play. Maybe it's not possible yet.

  • Yeah I think I know what you may mean, we will need an intuitive AI and also I think keyboards have to be way more velocity-sensitive (or just sensitive in general). Who knows? This is certainly going to be a possibility one day.