Portrait of Yesterday


It's my first post here. I would like to share with you my song Portrait of Yesterday. I used Spitfire Labs and BBC Orchestra to made it. Thank you SPITFIRE AUDIO <3

If you like it - leave a comment on Youtube ! :)

Michał Noworyta - Portrait of yesterday - YouTube


  • I like it, however your content is set for kids, so I can't comment on it on YouTube, and I can't activate notifications when I subscribe either. I had a similar problem on my channel, you should check out your channel settings and set your channel as not for kids. Hope this helps!

  • You'r right! Thank you for tip 😄

  • Hello and welcome to the forums!

    Really liked piece of all. Very nice choice of instruments! Really like the use of different strings, combining orchestral instruments with the guitar. It makes a nice overall tone palette. That choir with the strings was a wonderful combination too.