Hello there :)

I hope you're doing great!

Despite really bad news in the world, (and maybe mostly because there are lots of bad news) I wanted to share a new track I posted on my channel about Faeries.

It is meant to be cheerful and glorious so I hope you'll like it. I had to work a lot on some of the instruments to give them the colour I wanted so please, feel free to tell me if you find it OK or not.

Have a beautiful day and stay safe!



  • Very enjoyable and positive. Thanks.

  • This sounds really uplifting and very positive. One other thing I should mention is that this mix sounds very clean! There is spacing within the mix which makes the sound very clean and clear! That's something I wish I could do. (I am VERY MUCH a reverb guy)

    However, I feel like the width of the mix overall is still slightly less broad than the ones I usually hear. Which is interesting, because I can still feel the overall spacing. It's hard to describe but I just find it so fascinating. Well done!

  • Hey Sebastien - hope all's going well - thanks for sharing this - if I've had one recurring thought about your music so far it's that I would like to hear you do something a tiny bit less "epic" now and again - very happy to have finally heard it!

  • Hahaha, @Retroblueman , "a tiny bit less epic" all belongs in the same quote, really. Still pretty darn epic. @Sébastien simply is epic to the bone! 😄

    Very nice indeed. The beginning felt awkward for a moment, due to the layered "fiddle" that was hard to identify. But it soon would take shape and becomes as epic as usual! Maybe "the tiniest bit less" epic, hehehehe. 😉

    Great job and thanks for sharing, as always! 👍️

  • Hello and thank you for your message @Retroblueman :D !! I'm glad you find it a little less epic ; I'd love to work on other sides of my composing skills but I also can't help epicness. I'm a Gemini you know... So I guess it's my destiny 😁

    Thanks for the good vibes and have a great day !


  • Hello @Taron :)

    Thanks a lot for your message ! Yes ; I think I can't keep that voice away. You know, the same one that tickles my brain anytime I see a new post by Spitfire Audio on new products (and other editors I must confess but we're not here for advertising 😁). The voice tells me to grab a guitar, a mandolin. And why not a cavaquinho ? Oh and you could work this phrase with a counterpoint and then add a dozen celli to add more rhythm, etc.

    And this one is a track I originally composed when I didn't use overlaying as much as I do now ! 😅

    Speaking of which, I'd love to find a nice virtual fiddle by the way but it is one of these instruments you have to double or tweak a lot to get something that's listenable.

    Anyway, have a great day and stay safe ;)


  • Don't get me wrong - I love epic and was one of the earliest adopters - Round about the time they came out, I used to play Hans Zimmer's Black Rain and Backdraft soundtracks on an endless loop (albeit with Michael Kamen's Robin Hood and the John Williams classics in the mix) with Crimson Tide joining them a couple years later (then Beethoven happened to me, but that's a different story). When it's done as well as you do it I am always impressed and engaged.

    But, you know, a cheeky piano trio here and there never hurt anyone and, who knows, you might get asked to score Driving Miss Daisy 2 one day; )

  • Hello and thank you very much for your message :)

    I don't know how I missed it ; sorry for this. I completely agree with you and would absolutely love to post my other tracks on my channel. But the thing is...

    OK. When it comes to YouTube, I'm quite embarrassed because of several things.

    From a very practical point of view, I had 10 times less views on other themes and genres, no matter what the style, than my orchestral covers (not all of them have a "decent" amount of views) or my epic themes. I've posted traditional Chinese music, soft piano ballads, even folk guitar stuff. The only thing that makes audience stay and come back to my channel seems to be epic music.

    Now about contests like the one on Spitfire Audio nowadays, I have to say that I made a test. I composed a track for one of those contests. I had about 900 views in almost a year.

    I posted almost the exact same track with another name and had about 1500 views in a week.

    By no means would I have thought that one day I might consider music like a content. And I hate marketing as well. Writing these very words makes me realize how different from my initial passion this is. I would love to post anything I want - and I might do it - but I always find a good reason not to when it comes to performance. I remember hating what I heard about music when Warner Bros Art director and other top managers talked about music. I felt like they were talking about dairy, oil or any other product you could sell. I know I love Music and my only purpose is to make more and more of it.

    At least, I really make the best I can to make entertaining music and keep my performances as up as I can. It's not much, but it's what I do now.

    I hate that it all may seem cynical and would really love to bring out new stuff and talk about music more and differently.

    I hope I'll find a way to do it someday ;)

    Thanks for your honesty.

    Have a great day and stay safe.