Whats the best DAW software...

Hello all, I'm having no end of truble just getting to try BBC S.O. software, its seems that the spitfire download is just a plugin downloader and I need a DAW app to use, I've downloaded Kontakt and Audacity but still have not clue how to load or even try out BBCSO.

Whats a best software to use and how do I even use BBCSO with it, I create music scores with midi software and looking for better sound stuff.

Any help?


  • Hello all, I think I managed to figure a few things out, I've downloaded and am playing around with Waveform, it instantly recongnised the BBCSO, still not sure if its what I was looking for but with keep informed

  • Okay, Waveform is working great, I understand now what BBCOS is more.

  • Just incase you were still wondering Studio One is a good starting point or Reaper is another popular choice, S1 used to have a free option but both are relatively cheap compared to other options, Cubase, Logic etc....and both used by many here.

    Depends on your system as well though so knowing what you use will help in the future for any recommendations.


  • :0 another waveform user! That's great!

    If you have any questions on Tracktion Waveform, please don't hesitate to ask me, I've used it for quite some time now :)

  • Reaper! Free with full functions (altho I paid the $60 after using it for awhile to help the developers) and easy to use with BBCSO.