Spitfire Albion ONE Update (files are missing in Kontakt Full?)

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I downloaded Spitfire Albion ONE Update (214MB) and replaced the old file folders & the actual files with the new ones: Documentation, Instruments, Script.

However, Kontakt Full says that "Content Missing" in the grey area box.

So from where can I get those missing files - if they are not located in the update pack (214MB)?

The update pack didn't include the "Samples"-folder.


  • Commenting to follow this. I'm having problems after the update as well.

  • mdkb
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    I have this issue with Kontakt 5 full version too. I have logged a support ticket but no word yet. I also have version discrepancies: Albion One vrs 1.5 on Native Access, vrs 1.2 in Kontakt 5 (but didnt load and has to search each time), and Spitfire installer app just updated it to vrs 1.8 but doesnt seem to have updated it in NA or Kontakt.

    the solution so far (I am on Windows 10) to get it running without asking for the missing content each time (fixed each new open by running file search when missing content popup came up), was to move the "\Samples" and "\Albion One" folder into "\Spitfire Albion One Library". It now opens in Kontakt, but all the versions still seem to be wrong.

    I do not know if this is the right solution but in absense of support help its the thing that got it working even if versions are confused.

    If someone from Spitfire knows maybe they can chime in as I think all my problems have been caused by legacy folder structure.

    I now have "M:\Music_Soft\Spitfire" as my top folder (This is also set as the contents folder in Spitfire Installer app)

    All my "Albion One" files and folders are under "M:\Music_Soft\Spitfire\Spitfire Albion ONE library"

    (This was the only way to make Kontakt find them, and is also the only location Native Access will accept as content folder for Albion One)

    Is this correct for Windows folder structure?

    If so, why are all my versions out of sync. (With /Samples folder at +50GB I cant do a complete reinstall as I do not have the internet to handle it)