Spitfire Solo Violin

I recently purchased this sample and it sounds very accurate. There is a lack of control however. There is no attack control and no reverb control. The vibrato is not very good either. Hard to make it sound realistic on slow pieces. I have also noticed this lack of control on other libraries and wonder why it's not programmed in. Using an outboard expression device is not preferable. It should be programable in the samples themselves. The only thing I wonder is if that would increase CPU usage to a level not usable by many Intel based computers. All libraries need Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release. That would eliminate the controller.


  • When I first bought Spitfire Solo Strings, I also felt similar about the vibrato. But any sample library has its strengths and weaknesses. The spitfire solo violin has become one of my favorite libraries because of how playable it is and how great it sounds. That being said, if you’re looking for slower more lyrical passages I’d reach for British Drama Toolkit or Abbey Road Two.

    Also worth mentioning is that I’ve come to learn that unlike larger ensemble sections, solo strings can only sound so realistic. There are so many factors involved in how a real player would play a part that is unrealistic to expect to achieve with samples.

  • Hi CJ

    This was a very useful and well thought out comment and I appreciate it. It's possible that this solo violin is "not my style" and the vibrato is only useful in certain types of music. Having said that, it sounds better than any other sample I've heard to date. I work with the Chinese National Orchestra. I am familiar with great instruments and players. This violin is amazing when played fast. Unfortunately, it is not well suited to my slow style as I cannot get the vibrato to sync. I will look into British Drama Toolkit and see what is there. Thank you for your assistance.