« Virgules », Music for audiobook

"Virgules", French word for the music of introduction (or between the chapters) of an audiobook, of approximately 30 to 40 seconds. A challenge to present a book, sometimes not even read, with just a summary or an explanation from an artistic director!

I wanted to present you 2 of my latest compositions and know - and share - if other people here do this kind of work, just out of curiosity ;)

I mainly use Spitfire Audio audio-instruments like Albion One, LCOS and LCOT, Sacconi quartet and AR2 (and more), with some Cinesamples or Native Instruments.

More on my Soundcloud.

macOS 12.3-Pro Tools Ultimate-NI A61-RME/Audient


  • Really well done! The first piece had a lot of movement, which I really liked!

    There is a sudden contrast with the second one, it started on sounds that really grabbed my attention immediately, so that is really cool!

    Well done!

  • Thanks :)

    As I said, I like the challenge: tell a story so shortly !

    If you are suprised by the contrast, you should listen to some other pieces.;)

    Now, it would be interesting to know what a non-French person imagines of the story I'm trying to tell, and if the subject, or the style of the book, is well transcribed!

    macOS 12.3-Pro Tools Ultimate-NI A61-RME/Audient