Saxophones and trombones

I would love to have some good saxophone sounds to work with. There seems to be a gap in the Spitfire libraries that needs to be filled! Also it would be great if there were slide articulations for the trombones. That's how they work.

Maybe the saxes could be a Labs project?


  • Even if not a part of BBC SO, I would like to see saxophones done by Spitfire at some point soon. I've been working on a hyperpop jazz funk rock album and there is not a saxophone to be heard anywhere on it. I would like to be able to employ a broader range of characteristic jazz instrumentation, but I can't use a Spitfire Audio saxophone because there is none.

    I've got clarinet all over the place though which is nice because it gives the whole project a very nostalgic and pastoral feel. Clarinets, blast beats, a combination of triplets and straight 16th notes on electric bass at 180 bpm, and 808s... what would a hyperpop jazz funk rock album be without clarinets, blast beats, a combination of triplets and straight 16th notes on electric bass at 180 bpm, and 808s? I still want a sax on it though...

  • If you want some nice Saxophone, check out the SWAM ones, totally amazing plus there's a nice free Trombone at Ivy Audio

  • Yesss! I've been quietly hoping that Spitfire Audio would do a jazz library for sometime now.

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    What's a 'Jazz Library' as you can use any instrument to create Jazz or any music, it'll never happen as it's not their arena/speciality plus there are some Developers who are just better at certain things, the Audio Modeling SW above (SWAM) are hard to beat, even SA would agree, so why try and compete.

    SA doing a 'Jazz' Library is like asking Bonzo to tell the truth....

  • True, Spitfire is more into the orchestral/synth kind of things. What are some jazz libraries that you recommend?

  • I don't look at it (Music) like that, as a Guitarist if I go and buy a Guitar and want to play Jazz I don't look for a Jazz Guitar as Jazz can be played on any guitar, sure if you follow tradition you'll see Hollow and Semi-Hollow Guitars associated with Jazz, only because at the time that's all the had available but plenty of Jazz players who don't use those types of Guitars.

    As I mentioned the Audio Modelling SWAM stuff is very hard to beat and you'll be able to play most Genres on those, even the older v1 Libraries are great but the newer v3 are very good.

  • Can definitely recommend SWAM instruments, I've been using their strings (v3) and woodwinds (v2) collection for quite some time now. I do also layer their solo violin and viola with BBCSO strings ensembles to add some details and it works very well.

    I'd also recommend a good saturation plugin and a room / ambience reverb to use with all the SWAM instruments though, since they tend to have a kind of dry and in-your-face sound that sometimes doesn't 100% blend with the overall mix.

    Wish Spitfire Audio would have included Impulse Responses of the all the mic / room combinations where they recorded their orchestral libraries, so that one could virtually bring any external instrument or plugin in the same ambience 🙂

  • I would strongly recommend the Straight Ahead Samples Sax, Trombone and (if you want them Trumpet and Clarinet). They are very well produced with Jazz in mind.

  • You can't even do Bolero without saxophone. Very much needed. And, classical sax can be very different sounding than Jazz or pop sax.