What happened to the 'Long nanana' articulation in the Eric Whitacre Choir Plug-in??

It used to sound like a beautiful soprano voice, now it sounds like an out of tune chipmunk.


  • Hi

    i checked mine and yes it sounds like some drunk chipmunks,,,tried repair but did nothing unfortunately :(

    mvh avr

  • Maybe spitfire will sell a bag of nuts to get them chipmunks back in line ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Hi again, is this an issue that will be fixed?

    regards avr

  • Same here. Mac OS 10.15.7, Logic 10.6.3.

  • bump

    It would be nice to know if this is going to be fixed or not?

    mvh avr

  • i finally found the support page and filed a request

    mvh avr

  • Adam here from Spitfire's Customer Experience Team. Thanks for everyone's patience on this issue. It has been reported to our product team. I'll be reaching out to each of you on the thread so we can get a ticket linked to the bug report so I can keep you posted!

  • Spitfire has found the issue and is fixing it

  • Hi all,

    its been 4 months and is there something im missing?

    I do understand if you have a big backlog, but an update would be nice ๐Ÿ˜‰

    mvh avr

  • It sounds fine for me. I tried all of the multi-articulation patches which include it, as well as the single-articulation patch and each was OK.

  • ok, but for me and probably a few others it doesnt. It was submitted a change request internally at spitfire since they managed to reproduce the error.

    Im using ableton 11.1.6

  • Same problem here, all the "nanana" sounds like chipmunks๐Ÿน

    hope an update is on the way ๐Ÿคž