Glass [LABS only]

Alright, finally I played around with Cubase and figured, hey, it's time to give the Glass Piano a nice little ditty...

Instruments used:

  • Glass Grand
  • Percussion
  • Micahs Choir: The Choir
  • Peel Guitar 1
  • Dulcimer: Fingered
  • Scary Strings: Cool
  • Bass Guitar: Warm Amp
  • Drums

That's all. Hope you like it. I've enjoyed making it tremendously. Super relaxing! 😊


  • Nice work (great production) - you've just reminded me that, now I have my lovely big SSD, I can download and play with all the LABS - that'll keep me going over EasterπŸ˜€

  • Hehehe, for sure! Plenty of gems in there and much to discover as you compose and arrange. Some sounds may not seem like much by themselves, but show beautiful qualities as support.

    Philosophically, I guess, it's best to approach them more like a low-key production, with a certain "home made" touch. This way you won't get hung up on certain shortcomings and they allow you to just make music. I really love that about the LABS stuff altogether. And some of the sounds are actually outstanding as they are.

    Wished I could get "Christmas" to work again, though. I really loved most of what was in there.

  • Wow! Really loved the percussion at the beginning. Which reminds me, I should go check out the new LABS choir!

  • That new (Micahs) choir is quite precious! I did not expect such a powerful little choir set to show up. πŸ˜€

    Thanks, @Londoneye330 !

  • Hello @Taron :)

    This is just great ! Beautiful composition. Very rich and well produced. Thanks for this musical treat !!

    I love when I can't put a label on things I listened to. There are many influences in what you composed. I heard jazz, classical music, and even a chinese traditional music touch.

    I can picture it live !


  • Really love this sound! Great stuff πŸ‘πŸΌ Dulcimer really brightens the track ✨

  • THANK YOU! ☺️

    Yeah, it's almost impossible for me not to have the Dulcimer in every LABS track I do, haha, it's too darn precious. πŸ˜„