How Can I Play My Songs Without My Spitfire SSD Drive Being Attached?

I created some songs using Symphony Orchestra Professional. Symphony Orchestra Professional is located on my Spitfire SSD drive, but I am unsure of how to convert these songs into WAV files without my drive being attached. I would like to play the music but don't want to carry my SSD drive with me everywhere and would just prefer to have the songs on my computer in WAV format. Does anyone have any ideas. I reached out to the customer service team but no one ever responded to my question. Any ideas would be appreciated.

By the way, I use Garageband


  • Render all of your MIDI tracks to audio, as simple as that :)

  • If you are using Cubase you can export all your work to wav format. It takes much less time than it would take to record actual sound too.

  • thanks for the help, will let you know if it works

  • I render my work to wav once its complete which is great. Are people also rendering individual tracks too? Why would you do that?