Can I install BBC Professional on 512GB drive?

Hi Guys,

I just bought BBC Professional which require 600 GB to instal. I am planning to buy Mac Studio base which has only 500 GB system storage. Is it possible somehow to install this library on 500 GB system storage ?

Thank you


  • I'm guessing probably not - there might be some round about way that you can install it to a different drive, delete some mic signals to save space, move it to your desired drive and set the Spitfire Audio app to look for the library in its new place - but you'd probably want to double check with Spitfire Support if that would work.

    I'd recommend against it as there is info out there that once an SSD is more than 80% full then performance starts to suffer. I'm not entirely sure if that's true of modern SSD drives, but probably not worth risking.

    It's a good idea to have your samples on an external or dedicated SSD - see here: