are the instruments already panned or have I to pan them to make sound more realistic?

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  • HewWagner
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    Spitfire's instruments are recorded already panned and in the correct position - you don't need to pan them further.

    If there's info about panning virtual orchestral instruments that you've been reading, it's most likely referring to much older virtual instruments, back in the day they were often recorded very dry and not panned at all so you'd have to do a lot of work to get them to all be in the right place and right acoustic. Luckily these days most of this work is done for you, especially by great companies such as Spitfire.


  • Yes, do agree with HewWagner there. The sounds are panned in the correct position.

    However, personally I would 'widen' my mix by panning it no more than 15 'outwards'.

    It doesn't make a major difference if you don't, it's up to personal choice.