Trio and Orchestra - Spitfire Studio Strings

Hi all. I composed this piece with the idea of combining a trio band with an orchestra. I used Spitfire Studio Strings with a couple of LABS instruments. Really appreciate your input!




  • Hello!

    Really love the choices of instruments there. There's so much textures in there. It makes the over piece very interesting.

    I have a little feeling that at around 3:00 the woodwinds (it could be the brass) felt a little out of place, and was just a little too loud. It was slightly covering over the strings.

    Overall it has really fascinating choices of melodies and harmonies, but it seems like it is missing a little bass presence at times. Also personally for some parts I would use violin 2 to double violin 1, but one octave lower.

    Good job! I really liked it overall, can't wait to hear more!

  • Hi, thanks so much for listening and giving inputs.

    The parts at 3:00, there are brass and woodwinds in there. Not sure which one you think felt out of place. Maybe the brass? But I intended to make'em loud there. Yes, I usually make the violin 2 double the violin 1, and the viola will play a third or five lower. But I'll consider your suggestion in.

    Best regards,