Lamentation pour un Cygnet Mourant by Neal H Adair

The swan knows that its death is not far away but it is a majestic bird and is determined that its passing should not go unnoticed. From within the darkness of a quiet tributary that is overhung with trees, the swan heads for the wide, slow-moving river. The sun breaks through, making the swan feel young and strong again. For a time, the proud head is held high and the wings half-raised as if in defiance of the inevitable. But this display cannot last and once more it senses that the end is near. Gallantly, the swan makes another attempt to continue but it is weak and tired, so tired. It almost succumbs there and then but, mustering its remaining strength, the swan heads for its final resting place and disappears into those secret waters from whence it will never return.


  • Please ignore this submission whilst I work out how to attach the composiion. Thank you.

  • Thank you for your patience - Neal H Adair

    Eventually worked out a way of including one of my compositions and hope that you enjoy the work. It may not quite be the Swan of Tuonela but it was that piece which prompted me to attempt one of my first ever compositions. having had a lifetime of amateur singing and now in my retirement, I have found considerable pleasure in musical composition of various genres.