How Do I Match Other Different Libraries to Have the Same Room and Reverb?

In new to digital sampling and struggling to understand how to make all my instrument libraries sound like they belong together in the same room. I get that I need to add some kind of unifying convolution and algorithmic reverb. What I don't get is how do you remove or reduce the room sound and reverb that is baked right into the samples in the first place, so that a unifying reverb plugin can be applied instead?

For example, I just bought BBCSO Pro (my first orchestral library) which was recorded in the Maida Vale Studio. It sounds wonderful on it's own, but now I wanted to bring in other instruments, like my Cinesamples Harpsichord which was recorded in MGM Scoring Stage. I may also want to add in Native Instruments Cremona Quartet too - again, different recording room.

Alternatively, is there some sort of plugin that emulates the Maida Vale Studio that I can apply to other instruments so they match with BBCSO better?

Do any of you folk mix different libraries together? How do you get around this room/reverb issue?

Any insight, suggestions, and tips would be appreciated here.


  • I usually start with one particular library from the arrangement as a foundation then work to match that library. I pick the foundation library based on the one I like most from the acoustic perspective.

    I'll then traditionally find a similar IR that matches my preferred library. For example BBC can be matched with a lot of the scoring stages from Altiverb 7. You can then send varying amounts of the different libraries into the IR verb to form a more cohesive space across the mix.

    If the libraries are really different it could be sensible to use closer mics to help tame their natural ambience and effectively use more of the IR as your room signal overall.

    The blends are all trial and error against your own personal tastes and you will find the blends you create can also vary short articulations vs long articulations, and across different instrument sections as well. The latter being very important if you want to reflect orchestral position in the room. Apply more verb to those instruments that are naturally further back in seating positions.

    Sometimes you might not want a full blend. In my own mixes, I usually try to identify a focal point, for example a solo cello line etc, and give this perhaps a different effect / space with the concept that contrast can help it pop out again the cohesion and give a little focus. The contrast gives a little potential to making the other elements seem more cohesive too.

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    Thank you Jack, this is very helpful! How do you know which presets in Altiverb match the BBC scoring stage? I don't see that as a preset on their website list of spaces Also, I'm just using the built-in reverbs in Cubase Pro. I don't know if they are good for this task though.

  • By preset, there isn't one specific that is Maida Vale. I simply just pick one that sounds somewhat similar or seems to fuse well. Scoring stages work well as they are traditionally a little drier, similar to that of Maida. Where as if it was the AIR hall you'd perhaps consider a different approach such as a concert hall IR, or Church.

    All in the ears :)

  • I was planning to buy Fabfilter R. Can you do this aswell with this reverb?

  • Fabfilter Pro - R is a good verb for portable rigs, however for orchestral mixing my own personal tastes would go for Seventh Heaven or the TC Electronic verbs.