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Before reading any further: I am posting this for the music. This is not propaganda to try to make you donate. It's simply to explain the whys and share the music :) The link to the music, publicly available with no restrictions.

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As you, I am horrified by the Russian war on Ukraine and the atrocities we see. Being unable to do much, I decided to write music. In an attempt to do something, I'm giving the song to those who donate the The Red Cross or Save The Children, hoping to inspire even more donations.

I ended up with a piece is called "Song for peace". It's a conversation between two guitars and a supporting string orchestra. It ends in resolution. I am a hopeless romantic, that believes in the good in mankind.

I used BBC SO Discover (Horns), Intimate strings and Epic strings, layers of guitar and Decentsampler for a background wobbly piano :)

Please forgive any faux pas in composition. I have no formal training :)

If you would like to listen, it's located at: and the direct link is


  • Hey Flemming - really lovely piece and a very noble (and pressing) cause - let's all hope for a quick and peaceful resolution!

    Is that you on a real guitar? - if so that's some commendably restrained playing! (and if not that's some very impressive vst programming!).No faux pas there! Well done.

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  • Thank you Retro! It's me on a real guitar. I :) I used my cheap (but lovely), Chinese Fender Squier, equipped with cheap Alnico V knock offs. Giving it space and time, I find it lets out emotions and breathes (If that makes any sense in English).

    I think the world needs to slow down a bit. At least once in a while, to take a break and relax. There are so many "speed demon" guitarists. I'm not one of them :) I released a guitar based album earlier this year. All guitar, no synths where used. Only not-guitar created sound is a recording of waves. Not one track is faster than 58 BPM :)

    The response has been very positive. The themes of the tracks, were found in Buddhism and Zen Buddhism, like Flow, Effort and Happiness. Although the tracks are not written as meditation music, but as meditations on the themes, I think the low BPM count can help listeners relax.

    That was a lot of jabber, for saying thank you for your feedback :D

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  • Ha, I am very much a "speed demon" guitarist- I once spent a year trying, amongst other endeavours, to get Far Beyond the Sun up to speed (got almost 80% of the way there: ) Funnily enough my initial motivations for starting to produce music were mainly to put original backing tracks together for me to solo over (this may yet happen, although I recently blew the amp on my focusrite 2i2 so it may have to wait a while).

    I have the utmost respect and admiration for playing like yours- I always find, usually to my detriment, that my fingers are aching to play semiquavers (bit like a dog that knows it's time for walkies: ). Will come have a listen to your other music asap - and look forward to it!

    Whilst I have you, see this thread:

    No obligation, and you can drop in and drop out as your time permits, but would be great to have you aboard: )

  • :) Interesting how the paths of life leads you. I initially started music with guitar (70s). In 2003 I bought my first DAW (Propellerhead Reason), and almost completely stopped guitar recording. My latest album is the first to be all guitar. Kind of a "going back to the roots"-thing. The rest of the albums, guitar played a very small part :) Thank you for the compliments and your willingness to listen to my music :)

    Sorry to hear about your 2i2. I love my Scarlett! It's a wonderful soundcard.

    I'll have a look at your thread and music! Semiquavers is a fun word :)

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