Woods of Oakenvale

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Hi all

I'm new around here and just got BBCSO Core recently, so this is my first go at that library.

I had a game trailer in my mind when writing it, set in a fantasy world centered around this magical forests that holds both peaceful bliss and dreadful monsters. Like most other games of that genre XD

I hope you like it. I'm not educated in music or anything, just composing because I really like it.

Tips and critigue is welcome too :)

Libraries used: BBSCO Core, Albion One, ERA II Legends


  • I love it. Rich and magical. Narnia I think!

  • Hello Nisi and welcome to the forums!

    I really liked this piece! And just KeithCocker123 mentioned above, I agree! It sounds like Narnia!

    I really liked the choice of instruments here! Well done!