Hanging notes, BBC orchestra. Logic Pro x.


I'm having the most frustrating problem. Notes are hanging for no reason either when I start playback, or even when I stop. I need to open each instance of BBC orchestra, find the ringing note and press on it for it to stop. 

No sustain pedal is being held, no automation to cause this or anything. I checked everything. 

I'm using the latest version of Logic and the most updated BBC PRO path and it's impossible to work like this...

Guys, please help, and please fix this in your next update. This is not cool..


  • KenJ
    edited April 2022

    I had the same issue. In my case it was caused by using a USB connection between my Yamaha keyboard and my computer. I changed to regular midi connection (via Focusrite Scarlett) and haven't had the problem since.

    Check out this discussion:


  • Hi Ken and thanks for your answer. Could you explain what does it mean to change to regular midi connection? As opposed to what concession.

    @Spitfire Audio guys, why is this a problem? It's so frustrating and making it impossible to work. Could you please fix this? We all paid a lot of money to purchase the PRO version and that should be running smoothly.



  • KenJ
    edited April 2022

    Hi Shai, what I meant was that I was originally using my Motif ES8 connected to my computer via USB cable (USB out connection from keyboard). I was experiencing hanging notes quite regularly. I then removed the USB cable and instead connected the keyboard to my Scarlett 18i8 via MIDI cable (MIDI out connection on keyboard). Once I did this the hanging note issue went away. I’m not sure if it applies to your situation but thought I’d share my experience with it. Connecting the keyboard via USB was problematic in my case.

  • Oh got it, thank you Ken!

    Still @Spitfire Audio I think connecting the keyboard directly to the computer shouldn't cause this.

    By the way, I found that to make it stop I have to play the last sound that was played again. It goes away then after a couple of tries. Still, very frustrating.