A behind the scenes of the Spitfire Plugin - vlog - request :)

Just throwing it out here.

Who would like to see a behind the scenes vlog of how Spitfire goes about creating content for their own plugin?

From recording - choosing mics, mixing them together, mastring - to editing to programing to distribution.

I'm aware its a monumental task, but I've seen you tackle bigger projects :)

You did something similar with a keyed glock. and Native Instruments Kontakt.


Please repeat this, but with even more tech. talk :)



Free samples at lofiaudio.com


  • For Kontakt users there is this concise video on David Hilowitz's channel, which is an excerpt from his comprehensive list of tutorials.

  • Hi @Anders Wall - one of our co-founders, Christian Henson, sometimes posts behind the scenes vlogs of this nature! He posted one recently for some Pianobook libraries which you may find interesting:

  • Thank you Stephane and Sarah.

    Both David and Christian's videos are always great to watch.

    But none of them show us how the Spitfire engine/player works behind the scenes.

    How you/Spitfire goes about creating samples, scripts, art etc... for the new player.



    Free samples at lofiaudio.com