The Sunflower Child

Dear Labs Community,

Introducing my latest creation to you. It was a short melody I heard over and over in my mind and just couldn't live without sharing it.

Libraries used include Spitfire Audio Core and LABS Glass Piano

This short song is split into three distinct moments, and is written for the children and families of Ukraine.

  • First moment, the innocent child lovingly looks to the sky with the curiosity of life, yet their parents can see the looming shadow.
  • Second moment, the airplanes fly overhead, the missiles land amongst them and the child learns fear, yet the child still does not understand.
  • Final moment, the soul of the child is displaced or lost forever, yet still, full of tears in their wonderment, they ask - why?

The song is kept short and beautiful, as was the innocence of life.

The Piano I chose to use from LABS is a beautiful, gritty and honest sound of a well used baby grand. Nothing this tragic should be perfectly refined.

If you're interested, I put a link below with more info on why/how I created the song.

I really appreciate your feedback as I continue to create music.

PS. Thanks again to Spitfire Audio and LABS for making the creation of sound a wonderful experience.


  • Loved the movement that's in the piece overall. The buildup and the transitions are amazing. In my opinion, the low end was a big too loud. It was slightly masking over the piano. Personally I would just make the bass quieter. But other than that, I really like the overall idea!

  • What a beautiful piece :) It could be much longer with variations on the theme! It was over so quickly :)

    In my personal taste, it felt like there was a gap in between the piano and the cello/basses. Woodwinds, horns and second violins and violas would, again in my personal taste, lift the piece to another level :)

    All the best and thank you!


  • @Londoneye330 That was some really lovely feedback, I worked hard to make the transitions meaningful. I agree, the low end is powerfully loud, funny thing is I brought it down from even higher LOL. I will work to improve the levels, keeping it a little higher for the emotion of sadness and fear to bombard the song a bit at the half way point.

    As I learn to record this music, I am learning that mastering the final is almost as intense as writing the music.

    Being a newer musician to this style of recording (and being a do-it-yourselfer), I really appreciate your technical and musical feedback. Over time, I wish to grow in my art both in creation and production of the music.


  • Hi @flagfarm ,

    Thanks very much for your input. I appreciate your creative take on it. One day when peace comes, I might create a longer version with more instrumentation on it (woodwinds, horns violas), that would be lovely.

    Maybe even a positive uplifting end. For now the shortness is accredited to the shortness of innocence. That said, it was quite hard to end it short like that. But purposeful.

    I will also see if I can find the gaps between the piano and basses.

    Much appreciated Flemming.