Can Spitfire Audio update their Originals Felt Piano lower frequencies at the 200 to 300 mhz range.?

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A group of us from different countries who have this Library and while listening to a stream ALL found that the lower registry frequencies in the range of 200 and 300mhz are absolutely pronounced and generates an annoying hum. Yes we used an entourage of multi EQ's to scoop the frequency out but then you start loosing the bottom end and starts sounding thin. It is far better to redo the recording or adjust it at Spitfire rather then to purchase a library only having to fiddle endlessly to get a more pleasant result. I don't mind buying libraries but not when you have to struggle to correct the sound of it. Shy of wanting a refund, any recommendation or suggestion welcomed.


  • @MBC this is not a problem that has been widely reported, so it makes me wonder if perhaps the format of the streaming was causing an abnormal boost in these frequencies.

    If the issue occurs consistently, please try and capture a recording of it to send to our support team for further review.

  • Thank you for your kind response.

    As stated, a group of us in a live stream were chatting and we all have this library. Most that responded reported the same issue. Keep in mind it is only in a small section. Only in the lower registry does it have an unpleasant frequency in the range as specified. We EQ'ed it out (scooped) but the results were that it left the sound thin and dull of course.

    What you are suggesting is that we ALL experienced the format of the streaming potentially causing the abnormal boost of the 200 to 300 range frequencies. Unfortunately, this would not be the case. At the C3 key range is when it begins. The notes are D# E, F, F# that become more pronounced. I am also using headphones and have an assortment and they produce the same. It is not an overly huge issue Sarah as I can certainly scoop it.

    If this low end range on the Originals Felt Piano does NOT happen for you at all, then this suggests it is at my and everyone else's end on how we are handling the sound.

    Christian ironically made a comment regarding the particular tones with the Felt in one of his videos entitled: "Felt Pianos - How To Mix Them Into Your Music" Christian makes mention of this mid range tone that he is not happy about in this sample.