New PC Desktop - is it OK?

Hey everyone, I am new here. I used to have a Desktop PC with Windows 7, intel i5, 16gb RAM and so on. It dates back to 2012 (!!) and worked fine until now. I bought it in Italy from a firm that (still) puts audio workstations together. I used it to produce music (mainly orchestral with sample libraries). I am not a "professional" producer (I am actually a professional violinist and "traditional" composer though), but I would like to work with the newest libraries that have a really better sound (BBCSO/SSO maybe PRO, because I can tell the difference, even if I am still not that good). But I need a new PC because my own does not have the specs to support all that. And I do not live in Italy anymore, so I cannot buy from the same firm (sadly). I was looking to put a PC together. Can someone tell me if this could be a good option (or if it´s to much/too less)? Thank you very much for your help!


  • Go for it. Technically, configuration like that should be able to handle not only BBCSO Pro very well, but some additional libraries as well, so it should be future-proof for some time as your needs grow.

    The only thing I would check, if possible before buying, is the noise level of that Sharkoon TG6M Tower case when CPU is under heavy load.

  • Thank you very much for your answer. Is there a "maximum" noise level you would recommend?

  • My recommendation: the less noise, the better. ;)

    Sometimes the company you buy your computer from can be asked to put it together with quiet components in mind. If possible, it's always good idea to talk to them and explain what you need - namely bigger and slower cooling fans, bigger, passive radiators and maybe more sound-proofed computer case. That's all you need to create cooling fans noise free audio working environment.

    To get the same results, if not even better, you may always put your noisy computer case as far away from your ears as possible. ;)

  • The config looks good. I would consider adding a drive, like Seagate Ironwolf or Western digital Red 6 to 10 TB for temporary and archiving.

    Are you adding an audio interface? The mainboard audio is awful ;-) I've used Focusrite USB drive for 6 years.



  • I have an external drive for archiving. You think 2tb is too less for temporary? I am not a professional composer who has to produce a lot of music in the same time. I just want to use good libraries :-)

    I also thought of using an external SDD to run all the libraries (instead of an internal drive). Is that a good idea?

    Thanks for the help!

    PS. I have a MOTU audio express that has been working perfectly.

  • I seem to run out of space, always :) I'm not a pro composer, just a dabbling amateur. I have a 500GB SSD for operating system and applications. For data (Samples, VST, etc), I have a secondary drive (6TB). Over a period of 2 years, I've used about 3 TB of the data drive.

    Maybe it's just me. I may be a data horder :D