Labs crashes Cubase (10.5 )

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I have Labs (problem does not occur with bbc orchestra) and every so often it will crash Cubase completely. When it does I can’t load the project back unless I remove Labs. Is there a known problem regarding this plugin. I am on windows 10 which is up to date and Cubase is the latest version of 10.5. I can supply more information and re-create if this is something new.


  • I'm also facing this problem. It didn't happen some months ago; now I'm picking up some old projects (and I run a lot of Labs instances) and they all crash. Freezing the track doesn't fix the issue :(

  • So I’ve been looking a but further and it seems it crashes if I have any patch from modular piano. The one I was trying to use is Granula piano. The version of player I’m using is 1.3.8. Is the the right version? I see nowhere to get a different version as it all seems to be rolled into the download.

    it allows me to record with this patch but when I close Cubase it crashes it. If I load a different patch and do the same it is fine. I have reinstalled modular piano but it makes no difference.

    My pc is a i9900k with 32gig memory and all my other plugins are working fine including bbc orchestra.

  • I can't pinpoint a specific instrument from LABS that causes this. I have 6 instances of LABS running (different instruments, Trumpet Fields, Opia, Modular Piano, Strings 2 and Scary Strings).

    I'm only able to fix this the crash when I disable all of LABS' instances. Bringing them up one by one, it crashes as soon I have more than one running. And disabling that one is not enough, have to disable them all again to make it not crash again.

    I am running the latest versions of the libraries. I even did a clean install of Windows, and that didn't fix it. Running W10 w/ and i7-7500 and 16gb RAM.

    So far I only face this problem when using Cubase. With Reaper I don't have any issues.

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    Could I ask that you create a support request here if you haven't done so already for these issues? Unfortunately crashes can be hard to guess the cause of without a thorough troubleshooting processing so it would be best to work through each scenario to properly.

    After a crash has occurred, you can find a plugin log at the following location: C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/com.spitfireaudio Please send the latest plugin log and any relevant information.

    You can also attach DAW crash dumps. The location of these will vary depending on your DAW but the location is usually found by a quick google.



  • Ok I’ll gather all the information tomorrow by recreating and raising a case. Thanks.

  • Hey,

    Did you had any resolution to this issue yet?

    Also, are you guys on Win10 or Mac?