Hans Zimmer Piano Library for sale

If you are looking for HZ Piano I am selling my library. I cannot use it. Make a serious offer in US dollars. It's 4 days old. Can transfer by WeTransfer for a small extra fee, OR can ship you a hard drive with the full library (add $120) You'll need Kontakt Player for this library.

The library is 218 gig.


  • Why can’t you use it? Also, how did you get Spitfire to allow the transfer? I didn’t think that was possible.


  • Judging by several recent discussions and comments made by JJ_Hunter_50, he purchased HZ Piano and is not happy with the library. That being said, this is a probably a posting that should be ignored since it appears to be for the sole purpose of causing trouble for Spitfire.

  • Spitfire have essentially committed a fraud. Hans Zimmer does not actually endorse or use their plug in. He just allowed them to use his name for some reason and claims he makes no income as a result. Ignore me all you like. Spitfire has not replied to my emails and that makes them unprofessional also. Eat that. Spitfire created their own problems. I am just not taking any crap.

  • I cannot use it. It's not that good in my opinion and flat as I indicated in another post. I do not need permission to sell anything I bought and paid for.

  • Thank you for the link to the policy of Spitfire. I read it. It's not lawful.

    Think of it this way.... You buy a car. You don't like it but the dealer says you cannot get a refund, a credit or even sell it. It's in the contract. Do you think any court in any Western country would uphold this restriction? I can tell you, I have been litigating for many years and this clause on their site is just fluff. No one can tell you what you can do after you buy something.

    Here's another example. Let's say you buy a record CD from a store. You don't like the content. Can you give it away? YES. Can you sell it? YES. You cannot make copies to sell. That's where you are into copyright issues. In my case, I don't want to copy the H/Z Piano library. I want to get rid of it. I can give it away, sell it or make it into a lamp. That's my choice and Spitfire cannot legally stop me. It has to be lawful no matter what they want you to agree to. Hope that helps.

  • KenJ
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    But Spitfire retains ownership of the product. That’s the difference. Think of it more like “buying” a movie from Apple or Amazon etc. They also don’t allow you to transfer to another person. You’re buying the right to use the product essentially. At least that’s how I see it.

    Any potential purchaser you sell it to will be severely disappointed when they discover they can’t register the library in their own Spitfire account.

    From the EULA: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/info/eula/

    8.       Ownership. Ownership of, and title to, the Products (and all digitally recorded sounds and/or copies therein) is held by Spitfire Audio. Copies are provided to you solely to enable you to exercise your rights hereunder. When you purchase any Product(s), you are purchasing a limited licence for use (and not ownership) of Product(s). Except as expressly authorised in this Agreement, you may not rent, lease, sell, sublicense, distribute, transfer, copy, reproduce, display, modify or time share any Product(s) or Documentation (or part or element thereof).

  • JJ_Hunter_50
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    Hey Ken: Firstly, what is your interest in this? You a lawyer? Are you part of Spitfire? If so, please identify your role. If not, I find it interesting you want to pursue this.

    I am well aware of Spitfires legal. Do you have a dog in this hunt?

  • KenJ
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    Yes, I’m also a customer. You’re on a Spitfire forum trying to sell a Spitfire library to someone else. Something that they clearly don’t allow and based on my understanding is not technically possible anyway. I also own Spitfire libraries and never heard of anyone being able to get a refund or sell. I was genuinely interested in how you are able to sell the library. What’s works for you should work for all right?

    Anyway, I will now go back to observe only mode. Good luck.

  • LOL Ken. Don't worry about what I'm doing. Just enjoy your libraries. I will enjoy the other Spitfire libraries and move onto other library suppliers. Take care. My profile will be deleted at my request very soon.

  • Yearofthegoat
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    I'm interested in this as I can't get my Spitfire products to work correctly despite multiple resets and re-installs.

    So, I'd like to give/sell them to someone who can actually use them.

    Is it possible? Do Spitfire facilitate this at all, perhaps on an individual case basis?

  • You cannot transfer as it says in their legal. I just archived mine since I was not happy with it. I wanted to sell it but Spitfire reminded me I could not. Of course, you can email Spitfire support.

    If you can't get it working properly, maybe I can assist you. Just tell me what OS you are using and what computer. I am a Mac tech but not so up-to-date on PC.

  • Whether you agree with the policy or not it makes no difference. You agreed to the terms at the time of purchase and by downloading and installing the product it's essentially an "open box".

    Whether it's legally enforceable probably depends on where you live but it certainly is fully legal in the US and I would presume the UK as well.

    One doesn't have to have a dog in the fight to see BS and call it out so others don't step in it.

  • Richard. You need to relax.

  • You should check the mirror on that one. You were the one that started this mess and accused Spitfire of fraud etc. You were the one all worked up about it and tried to shush anyone that questioned you. Then went on to state your account was being deleted. LOL.

  • Mind your own business

  • KenJ
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  • I'm sorry, but it totally p...ses me off, too. I have sold my Miroslav, my Garritan and all my PSP-Plugins. I just have no use for the BBC Orchestra and I spend an awful lot of money on it. So I will certainly not recommend buying Spitfire products in the future.

  • Well, I'm sorry to hear you made some purchases not to your taste. I just achived Hans Zimmer Piano as I cannot sell it. The BBC orchestra is good only if you write for orchestral music. I have quite a few libraries from Spitfire. I use about half because I write a certain style. I have the others in stock so I can branch out later. Spitfire just hyped he Han Zimmer Piano too much in my opinion. It was sub-standard and just sold on the back of Hands Zimmers rep. I opted for 2 other Steinways and they sound much better. With plugins it's hit and miss and can be expensive I agree. The policy is, you cannot sell libraries and I don't agree to that. If I buy a couch, I can sell it. If I buy a car the same. Anyway, it's water under the bridge and I get more joy from Spitfire than aggravation - so I will continue to support them as they do have the best sounding samples on the planet. No ones perfect however.

  • I have also thought of selling my BBCSO PRO library. Although, clearly we agreed to the terms, which unfortunately there is no going back, I personally find it completely unfair, unlogical and very very frustrating for not having the right to do so. More over we are talking about software. It's only a matter of deactivating or transferring serial number to another person like the majority of software developers do. Unless I'm missing something I haven't thought before which in this case I would like someone to explain to me why is this so complicated. One thing is liking the library and acknowledging hard work and quality of product, and another thing is how much one uses it.

    Technology moves super fast. One day BBCSO is leading the market in its domain, next day something else comes out tha suits a composer better and wants to invest on this. What's bad about it? Has anyone ever told you that you aren't aloud to sell your car?

    I read somewhere from a user in this thread about Spitfire retaining the rights to their products etc. No one has been doubting about copyright ownership here. Back to the car example, when you buy one, you own the car itself, not the company neither the write to reproduce the car. Also, when you buy a music CD you are buying a licence for PERSONAL audition. If you're planning troughing a party and sell alcohol or set an entrance price you need a license. This is because the copyrights of ownership belongs to whoever belongs which is definitely NOT the buyer of the record which means buyer can't do anything he wants with the music. But selling the physical CD, nothing wrong with that.

    I really believe it's something Spitfire needs to put some thought to it. Percentage of persons wanting to sell their libraries must be small anyway. Plus this wouldn't mean that they will be non-returning customers. So, again, nothing to do with quality of work. On the other hand these terms is putting many (including my self) on pause thinking twice investing on Spitfire libraries again and some customers might not even be called customers because of this, guess why :)

  • Hi Zodiac. Thank you for your thoughts. I cannot speak for Spitfire or its legal position on copyright. When you buy software or any kind, it has a copyright notice. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to record these top musicians and then do all the programming required to make it available across all platforms. I did want to sell my Hans Zimmer piano. I found it substandard to other pianos samples. I was reminded of the copyright agreement I had agreed to and just put it away as a library wasn't up to my standards. You have the BBCSO library and that's a very good one. I opted for Native Instruments Cinematic Studio Strings and Noire piano samples. I do use many other Spitfire libraries and think they are very accurate with high standards. The Zimmer Series is not that great in my opinion. Hans Zimmer is great however.

    Don't stop buying Spitfire because you don't like one library. Watch all the demos on YouTube first before you invest. The BBCSO library is hard to beat however and has some amazing articulations. Sorry you are not fond of it but selling it is violation of copyright you and I agreed to and Spitfire will not consider changing that in my belief.

    You have one of the best libraries on planet earth. Put it away and use it later or parts of it in your compositions.

    In summation, I know you spent a lot on BBCSO as I did on HZ Piano. Chalk it up to experience and move on. Lots of great libraries out there.