Duplicate all settings on each track ?

Good morning all,

New to the forum and new to the very nice Spitfire libraries, here is my question.

Sorry in advance for my level of English, you will forgive my mistakes, I hope...

is it possible to copy all BBCO pro c (choice of microphones, or reverb) for all instruments in a session at once on the fly?

It is sometimes complicated to have to copy each parameter for each track, when I am around 40 tracks or more...

I am on reaper.

Thanks for your help

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  • Hello @Krisp ,

    Have you tried the save button here?

    In some libraries, (particularly the more recent ones), there would be a save button in the plugin settings page.


  • Reaper cannot understand dragging effects/samples to a new track when recording. It's better if you use your master track and add your effects on output and not every channel. You will get audio anomalies if the same effects are on every track.

  • Krisp
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    Thank you for your reply,

    I don't think my question was specific enough: I was talking about the settings elements related to the interface of instruments from the BBCO (pro) library, such as the mix preset settings for example.

    The Spitfire interface offers the possibility of choosing the type of microphones (decca tree or more individualized microphones for example), the dosage, Indeed, when I want to modify for example a dosage applicable to a whole orchestra session, I have to act on each interface individually.

    So I was wondering if it is possible to set a setting as a target for each instrument.

    but a technique may have escaped me to send only the desired effects, proposed in the interface of the BBCO plugin directly to the Master?

    Of course, when I use an additional plugin under reaper, like a reverb or any other processing, independently of the Spitfire library, I place it on the master, or on a bus track.

    I hope my question is not too confusing in English...

    Thank you in advance.

  • That's a valid suggestion Londoneye. I totally agree.

    After setting Londoneyes suggestion, I personally route all non-common channel effects on their own fader busses and common effects on the master at output. Saving the settings so you don't have to repeat processes saves time. Looks like you are on the right track.

  • Thanks a lot !

    I can't wait ! I will trie this trick as soon as possible.

    See you soon.

  • Oh sorry. I just tested and it doesn't seem to be the right solution for me.

    For example: if I use a mix of microphones, I would like to apply it to all the instruments.

    For the moment I have to go to each window to modify the mix of the microphones.

    The save button you tell me about is used to save a preset in the user presets. But not to extend the settings to all the instruments.

    This may not be possible.

    It would save time...

  • I see your dilemma. You cannot save sub-sets of mics. There made be another way. Let me try to explain. In Reaper, set the mics the way you want them on the first channel. Then hover your mouse over the fx and "click and drag" it to the next channel. All the settings should hold. If you try that, it may be a work-a-round so you can get the same effects on each channel. If it works, you can continue with each channel you need the same effects on.

    There is another way. Add a channel, and name it effects. set all your preferred settings on this channel or drag from the channel you've already created your fx on to this new effects channel. You then link each channel you want the same effects on to this The idea is to keep your main channels dry and add effects from the effects fader to your taste. Hope that helps. If not, look for "Adding effects to a channel in Reaper" Here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riIKh8Okq4U

  • anyway thanks for the help. Under reaper, in fact, I could try to create chains of effects linked to different BBCO presets (or my other Spitfire libraries) in addition to my symphonic templates that I have gradually established, but the interest is all the same to change in real time the whole mix, with all the possible freedom to test different combinations.

    I know the super channel of keany Joia well and it is a goldmine for reaper users.

    Maybe something in your explanation escapes me regarding the FX chains in reaper. For example, I don't see how to make a bbco instrument instance completely neutral? And also, imagining that I send the neutral instance in a separate track, how not to assign an instrument or play mode to another bbco instance on this send track to only adjust the microphone mix or Spitfire's internal reverb?

    Sorry for these questions which may be clumsy, especially since English is not easy for me...

  • Hello,

    Do you have any other clues for this question?

    How to change the mix of BBCSO pro without having to perform the tedious operation of modifying each instrument?

    It would be so nice to be able to compare the different choices with just one click... (or two or three, rather than 200)

  • Unfortunately, there is no simple solution.

  • I'm starting to see the difficulties. it's a bit of a shame and limits the field of exploration. I tried to transpose the manipulations seen in a video tutorial but I did not succeed on reaper. IThank you anyway.