Sampling Musicians List

So I think for the purposes of Spitfire Forums, this should be musicians/instrumentalists who are able or willing to record themselves for the purpose of sampling. Is that okay???

I think it would be super cool to have like some sampling musicians listed here to collaborate on projects together. I know I don't have the scripting chops yet to program, but maybe a separate scripting list can be compiled or you can list scripting as an instrument you play haha.

Sometimes just having access to an instrument is enough! So if you own something go ahead and plop down beginner next to it cause we all start somewhere. Probably don't list an instrument you don't have direct access to (I play french horn pretty well, but I don't have one).

Format should *probably* be as follows:

(Nickname, studio name, title, whatever)

advanced - (skilled player; list instruments that you own/have access to)

intermediate - (decent player; list instruments that you own/have access to)

beginner - ("it makes a sound sometimes"; list instruments that you own/have access to)

Are you able to self-record - (yes, no, it's complicated)

If yes, list any microphone options you have - (no, I don't want that public!, Zoom H6, Shure SM57, etc.)

(optional contact information or make your email viewable in your Spitfire Forums preferences)


  • Elendil

    advanced - Viola -acoustic (electric with bridge pickup)

    beginner - Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bb Trumpet (At an intermediate level play wise but my endurance is shot since I've picked it back up)

    Able to Self-Record: Yes

    Mic: MXL 770

    [email protected]

  • This is a great idea - really surprised there isn't more interest in this. well done @Elendilcronin @gregoryd

  • Sign me up. Let there be tracks.

    Bill Stokes

    -advanced: violin, viola and guitar

    -mediocre-at-best: keyboard

    -I record at home. I'll also have access to a decent-sounding room, soon.

    -a half dozen microphones. Condensers large and small, with various polar patterns, ribbon mic

    [email protected]

  • This is a fantastic idea.

    Zach Miller

    -Advanced: piano

    -Intermediate: electric guitar

    -Beginner: acoustic guitar

    -I can record at home.

    -Stereo pair of SM57s, R2 MK II Ribbon microphone

    [email protected]

  • Agniva Goswami

    -Advanced: Electric & acoustic guitar

    Able to Self-Record: Yes

    -I Record via audio interface (direct line in with libraries) . M-Audio ,NeuralDSP

    [email protected]