My first orchestration

Hello all, I have used Spitfire Intimate Strings, Epic Strings, Spitfire Labs, Appasionata Strings and the balance is Yamaha piano (analog) and Kontack organ. Your feedback would be appreciated as I am a beginner.

This piece is called Sahara. I wrote it for the doc as a dare. LOL

Thank you and be safe out there.


  • Hello Jay Hunt,

    Thanks for sharing! The pieces sounds amazing, love the balanced mix between the piano and the strings, that took me a while to figure it out in my mixing journey. 😅

    Personally, I would introduce some more instruments as we continue into the piece, it would gives the piece a little more movement, and listeners have a new instrument to peak their interests into. For example, at 3:05, the choir coming in certainly peaked my interest. Then the organs came in, it blends very well with the mix.

    But that is very situational depending on the context of the music...

    Overall, I really liked the piece, it fits very well with the video. Great job!

  • Thank you Londoneye330. I appreciate the feedback and advice. I will take it, The way I blended the piano and strings is, I recorded them together and changed the attack on the strings to come slightly after the piano. I use a Yamaha MX88 for bed tracks and build with Spitfire samples. It's both a trigger and a full synth based on the Motif Series. Thanks again.