Spitfire's Neglect of Customer Service

I opened a request on Wednesday (Wednesday at 10:54), due to a purchase that was reported as not made by the website, which warned that I would not be charged, however I was charged.

Since then, spitfire only answered me after I went to their instagram profile and complained in the comments and then minutes later I got a superficial answer that didn't solve my problem.
It's been 5 days since I opened the request and no one solved my problem. The payment has already been calculated on the credit card, I did not receive the product I purchased and maybe depending on the delay in the solution, I will lose promotions due to the company's negligence to solve a customer's problem!


  • I have the same problem. I bought BBCSO during the sale. The first payment failed. So I made another transaction. It went thru. But looking at my bank statement, I actually got charged twice.

    I've already requested help from customer support, but it's been almost three days and havent heard back, aside from the bot auto replies.

    I love the library btw. And would love to have more of their libraries in the future, but with this bad customer service, that may be last time Im buying


  • I have had exactly the OPPOSITE experience. I made a purchase during the APEX sale and had a query about the costs. I raised a ticket and got a reply the next day fully answering my query - which had resulted from my own misunderstanding.

    I've always found Spitfire Customer Service to be excellent.

  • Hi all, I appreciate your frustrations and concerns and will definitely pass your feedback along. Please keep in mind we are a very small team of real humans responding to every request, and we tend to get lots more support tickets during promotions.

    Thanks for your patience, and for being in our community!