how do key switches work in BBCSO core?

Hi there!

I thought I know how key switches work. It is not a nuclear science, right? but obviously I'm missing something here!

I want to keyswitch between let's say legato(extended) and default the keyswitch is set to C-1 and E-1 so I put a short note (C-1, E-1) just before the articulation begins. (see the prtscr) I would expect the instrument to switch from one articulation to another, but it doesn't do anything. Even when I set up the key for the keyswitch manually..let's say to C0,E0.

It even doesn't work when I press the respective note on my keyboard.

trigger is set to keyswitch, keyswitch is set to some note value (C-1, C0 whatever) and activate is set to normal.

Any ideas please?



  • resolved: C-1 is actually a C-2. dunno if it's a bug or a feature, but that's how it least for me

  • I've just encountered this. What's going on? It's like this from march and not fixed yet? this is ridicules.

  • I've found that sometimes C1 is C0 and C0 is C1, or something like that... I. E. "C1" is an octave lower than "C0". Weird.

  • I've seen this as well, and found "an" answer. For Logic Pro:

    Preferences -> Display -> General -> Displays -> Display Middle C As: C4 (Roland)

    vs C3 (Yamaha). I don't recall whether it was a community post, support ticket, or other, but I recall reading that Spitfire Audio uses the C4 (Roland) model. I'd been using C3 (Yamaha) as I'd historically worked with those keyboards, switched to C4 (Roland), and... poof the actual/displayed values match.

    Personally, I think they should take the DAW setting into account and adjust their usage accordingly, so that the values always match, regardless of which Middle C model the DAW is using.

    macOS 13.2, Logic Pro 10.7.7, BBCSO Core