Expression channels and creaks/rattles

Hi all,

I've recently upgraded to BBCSO from Logic strings, so am new to 'quality' sample libraries. I've created a keyswitch map in Logic to enable different articulations, however I've now noticed I can choose either midi channel 1, or midi channel 3, to draw in/manipulate expression - would anybody tell me 'what I need to know' in regards to this, if there's certain times to use one and not the other etc, or if it sounds like I'm doing anything wrong? I noticed it sounding like an abnormal tremelo/stuttering and discovered I was drawing it into both differently at one point so thought I'd better dive in and see what most people do.

I also have a question about some of the sounds - I've been using a cello sound on the legato patch, and before/after notes it sounds like there's some creaking/clanging etc - is that just the 'real' instrument sounds being put in, in the same way a guitar sample library might have some fret noise etc and or is there a way to turn it off? Or again, does this sound whacky as if I've probably accidentally recorded a microphone under my chair creaking as I've been playing it or something :P

Many thanks in advance for any words of wisdom anyone can offer :)



  • Hello MB_27!

    Can you insert what is sounds like here? (like via a video link or audio link) I think I know what you are talking about, but I want to make sure.

    If you are using a midi controller (CC) for expression, make sure you don't use two at the same time! Having two controllers for expression will make the instrument will make a crackling sound. Just use one for expression (you can use the other one for dynamics/modulation)

    Another minor thing to note is that on some DAW, if you attempt to overwrite an existing expression, it will physically overwrite it, but doesn't erase the previous one. That means the instrument will attempt to read two expressions at the same time - just like two separate controllers!

    Again, we could be talking about two completely different problems here, so it would help if you can attach a video or audio! :D


    As for the cello sound, I have no idea 😅 you'll have to attach an audio for that too.

    Hope this helps ! :)