How can I enable the complete 88 keys'

Hello everybody, I am using an 88 keys midi electric piano, but whe I select an instrument only a part of keys are highlighted and produce a sound, if i want to play other keys I have to move a tool below window to -2, -1, 0, 1, or 2 and highlighted zone move itself at right or left, ¿ How can I have all 88 keys available without move a below control? Thankyou in advance.


  • Hi Enrimex

    I'm not quite sure what you want to achieve :) I have a very simple 88 keys USB MIDI (M-audio) keyboard. In my experience the instruments only work within the range they naturally are. When I use the BBCSO Discover, the strings work as below (Image snatch from the Interwebz:))

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  • As flagfarm says I think you may have misunderstood how the library works. The part of the keyboard in the plug-in that is highlighted are the only notes that the selected instrument can play. I.e. as per flagfarms diagram there are very few orchestral instruments that have an 88 note range.