Horns Marcato vs long?

It must be me not using the articulation correctly but does anyone else struggle to hear the difference between marcato and long articulations on the horns?

i am trying to use it to make certain notes in a phrase stand out by key switching between long and marcato but it just doesn’t seem to do it….

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  • The long articulation for the horns uses MIDI CC1 to control the dynamics, while the marcato articulation uses velocity to control the dynamics. If you use the SHIFT key to combine long and marcato articulations, you can emphasize certain notes by playing the key harder. I did this a bit in the Voyager example linked at



    Take a listen to the .mp3 in the .zip file to hear if the dynamics of the horns is what you're after.


  • aldous
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    I certainly hear a difference. If you don't, it's worth opening the plugin window to watch the change of highlighted articulation during playback, just to catch problems like the articulation not being loaded or the wrong key-switch being used. In both cases it'll play something - probably the long, in your case - but not in the articulation you wanted.

    If it is changing articulations, next thing I'd check is that velocity is high enough on the marcato notes, since it's easy to forget when you've got a track full of longs (controlled by modwheel/dynamics) with only a few short notes (controlled by velocity.) I think they do sound more similar when marcato velocity is lower.

    Final idea is to make sure "short releases" (from the '...' menu in top-right of plugin, beside gear symbol) is not set to "None". Unfortunately, it sets itself to "None" if you use the technique editor. Without the releases set, the marcatos especially keep sounding after the note is released, and you lose the "punch" of the short note.

    Hope one of those helps. By the way, depending on how much wallop you're going for, I find layering some quieter sforzando notes under the longs also works pretty well for emphasis... you'd need a separate track rather than key-switches, though.


  • Thanks both. turns out it was indeed my error. For some reason I had completely missed that the Marcato was controlled via velocity. Aldous was spot on. I jacked the velocities right up and sure enough got what I was expecting!