Introducing myself - Flagfarm

Hi all!

I'm Flagfarm aka Flemming and I'm thrilled to meet you :) I'm a dane, 58 years old and have been involved in amateur level music since 1977. The only training I have is classic spanish guitar, many, many, many years ago. I've published music since 2006 under my artist name, Flagfarm, using Bandcamp and Amuse (Spotify, Deezer, Google music, Amazon, Tidal, apple,...).

I declare my music as "Ambient with a beat(TM)", but in reality it's all over the place.

I'm new in this forum, although I've been using the wonderful tools Labs and BBC discover for a couple of years. Very inspirational and at an amazing price! Thank you SpitfireAudio!

I released the album, "The sea" in 2020, an ode to the oceans around us. The album ends in a three part piece, Il mare. I hope you will enjoy them :)

All the best


Il mare 1: Le prime luci dell'alba (Grave) - The sea 1: The first light of dawn (Grave)

Il mare 2: L'ora piú dolce (Largo) - The sea 2: The sweetest hour (Largo)

Il mare 3: Bonaccia notturna (Adagio) - The Sea 3: Night Calm (Adagio)


  • Hi Flemming

    Really lovely stuff there - thanks for sharing and a warm welcome to the forum and community! Wanted to mention that, after I'd finished your third tune above, it moved on to "Happiness" and WOW - that was unbelievably good- will definitely have a nose round the rest of your stuff when I get a chance!



  • Thank you for the welcome, Retro. And thank you for listening to my music! I am grateful for your time. "Happiness" is the last song on my new (guitar only) album. No Synths Were Used in the Making of This album :D

    I'm looking forward to snoop around, get to now people and learn to use Spitfireaudios products better.

    Have a great day!