Videos to be creative with

Hi all this is my first post on this channel and this is my first attempt using predominantly BBC core and this is my first attempt at writing a project like this I usually write songs so it was a steep learning curve and I had to double my ram to achieve it I originally wrote this for a bandlab competition, they asked for a classical entry unfortunately I didn't get many listens so I was hoping for a better response in here.. Any tips are welcome. and are there any free videos that i could write a creative sound track to


  • Hello and welcome!

    I love the soundtrack it was certainly melodic and has a lot of movement in it. I like it!

    So one thing I would suggest is that I feel like the instrument are panned a little to far apart. There also seems to be a lack of reverb -

    Or it could always just be my headphones 😁

    As for videos to write creative soundtrack to, if you are looking for cinematic scenes, THE CUE TUBE – Where Music Meets Film is a great place to start. They have tons of videos you can practice to, and I certainly had fun looking at them.

    Anyways, I liked the piece and I hope to hear more from you soon!

  • Hi and thanks for the comments I will definitely take it onboard you are probably right about the reverb when I wrote it it was all a bit of a rush because bandlab competitions are only for 4 weeks i think i posted it with around 4days to spare so I didn't have time to add plugins to the mix. It's certainly a big learning curve for me lol and I will definitely check out cue tube.