"Two Different Worlds" - Original Composition

Hello everyone,

Finally decided to release another piece. Two Different Worlds was hiding in my stockpile of pieces for some times now that I can't remember why I made it. I think I was testing out the loops, sfx, and percussion of Albion ONE.

I also used LABS for the organic textures and the piano.

The end of the glockenspiel tail is somehow muted...? Oh well...

Hope you enjoy!


  • Sounding good - loved the excitement of the first bit. Kind of depends on your intentions but I did wonder if you could possibly build back up to a repeat of that section to give a more dramatic ending to the piece - or perhaps have a final section with the energy of the first bit but underpinning some of the themes from the second section (so that you "unite the worlds", as it were).

  • Yeah, I love that idea! Will definitely keep that in mind. I'll add that to my ever growing list to do, but I'll come around to it!

  • I liked the idea of delivering different themes; first it sounds a rather heroic, and then calm with the piano, and then somewhat eerie with the sfx, before it ends up with a happy tune. Good job!

    Quick question, on the very last part there is a glass "ting" sound, where does it come? One of LABS?

  • Thank you so much for your kind words! 😊

    The glass tinging sound is from Albion ONE I believe! The piece has been around long enough that I forgot what it is exactly. It's either Brunel Loops, or Organic Textures from Albion ONE.

  • Ah my apologies, I checked the file today and the glass ting at the end is a BBCSO Discover Glockenspiel!

  • Really enjoyed this piece. So many textures and drama unfolding, then quiet, dream like sequence. Lot of planning here. Well done.

  • Great job, it could fit to some HoM&M game!