Release notes or changelog for BBCSO templates

I originally began building my template based on the BBCSO Core Logic templates around the time when Christian released the videos on the subject. The region on the No Output track lists the template as "BBCSO LOGIC TEMPLATE - Hyrbrid v3.0.4 by J. Jackson & C. Henson, for video tutorial copy/paste this into browser:" Over that time, I've made modifications to suit my workflow and tracked those changes in the Notes field in Logic.

I just grabbed the "Core 2" templates "CH JJ Core2 Template v4.1.0.logicx" and now the region says "BBCSO LOGIC TEMPLATE CORE2 V4.0.0 by Jake Jackson & Christian Henson, for user manual copy/paste this into browser:"

Does anyone know what's changed between v3.0.4 and v4.0.0 (or 4.1.0 in the project filename?) If this could be tracked in this forum, it'd be really helpful to conform template modifications. 🙂