BBCSO Core UACC Patches and Logic Articulations

I did a search but didn't see specific UACC patches for BBCSO. I thought I shared mine previously, but sadly a lot of that content seems to be lost from this new(er) forum.

At any rate, here's my set of BBCSO:Core v1.2.0 UACC based Logic articulations and single instrument patches to share with the community. I'm a big fan of UACC since (1) it doesn't clutter up editors with keyswitch notes, and (2) I can set Logic's Piano Roll to color notes based on articulation.

I hope these are helpful to the community! 😀



  • Since I revisited this today, I've made some updates. From the Readme file:

    This articulation set and patches are based on Spitfire's UACC documentation at

    Installation and Usage

    1. Copy the CC32 folder to MachintoshHD/Users/<username>/Music/AudioMusicApps/Articulation Settings/Spitfire BBCSO Core/ folder. (Rename folder structure if desired.)

    2. Copy the contents of the User Presets folder to <install path>/Spitfire Audio - BBC Symphony Orchestra/Presets/user/ folder. (I don't think sub-folders work with the plugin.) Note: I've set the midi channel in some patches since I use Divisimate to target parts to different tracks. Adjust if desired.

    3. Load patches in the plugin by clicking the User button in the bottom left of the patch selection screen.

    4. In Logic, select the track and click the i button to show the Inspector. Expand the Track section and set the corresponding Articulation Set.

    5. I'm including my modified version of the BBCSO Core template project file with the articulations and tracks pre-setup. There are also some Arrangement marker sets to help with musical form, hidden tracks with Plugin Boutique's Scaler / Albion ONE preset freebies from Cinematic Composing / and BBCSO Long & Short sketch tracks. Enjoy!

    Note: Updated for BBCSO:Core v1.5.0. More info at


    3/1/2022:This 1.5.0 version updates some bad "transpose trick" patches in Winds and Brass sections, and defaults Mod/Exp/Reverb to sensible levels.

            Included BBCSO Core 1.5.0 UACC keyswitch and articulation template.logicx project file.

  • this is so helpful! thank you for sharing. possibly I'm being dense - but wondering what the differences between each of the (for example) Horn, Horn 2, Horn 3 is with reference to the "transpose trick". I'm not quite sure what the trick is...

    Also - again apologies if I'm being dense - are there articulations included for the Horns a4 (etc) or just solo horns/trumpet/etc?

    Thanks again for this wonderful resource!

  • See for more info.

    I used the technique to create additional instruments (hopefully using a different underlying sampleset to provide unique character) to "fake" multiple players. In the Spitfire player, I set Tune to either +2st or -2st, and then set Transpose to -2 or +2 respectively.

    The BBC Horns a4 track is hidden in the Logic template by default. Unhide it and you'll see that it uses the same Articulation Set as the other horn tracks.

    Hope this helps! 😊