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Symphonic Brass - What's new in the April 2021 Update

v1.3.1 (April 2021)

  • Fixed: [PB-405] - Horn Solo & Horns a2 - Legato: No 'stereo width & pan'
  • Fixed: [PB-704] - Tenor Trombone Solo - Short Marcato: Tuning refinements
  • Fixed: [PB-722] - Contrabass Tuba Solo - Long: Tuning refinements
  • Fixed: [PB-785] - Contrabass Tuba Solo - Long: (Mapped to the keyboard an octave too high)
  • Fixed: [PB-793] - Trumpet Solo - Long Mariachi: Lowest F / F# are playing a semi tone too low
  • Fixed: [PB-798] - Contrabass Tuba Solo - Short Marcato: Short timed RTs tuning refinements
  • Fixed: [PB-806] - Bass Trombones a2 - Multitongue: Dynamics control not working
  • Fixed: [PB-822] - Tenor Trombones a2 - Legato: Sample start cutting into sample. vibrato ff A1-Bb1
  • Fixed: [PB-863] - Cimbassi a2 - Long Cuivre: Incorrect blue range
  • Fixed: [PB-928] - Trumpet Solo - Short Tenuto: Inconsistent key range
  • Fixed: [PB-939] - Tenor Trombone Solo - Short Marcato: Tuning on mf B2/C3 RR4
  • Fixed: [PB-1884] - Trumpet Solo - Long: vibrato pp D#3/E3 phasing issue
  • Fixed: [PB-1895] - Tenor Trombones a2 - Short Staccato: Tuning refinements
  • Fixed: [PB-1936] - Multiple Core Techniques NKIs: Multitongue missing variation slider (Trumpets a6, Trumpets a2, Trumpet Solo, Trombones a6, Bass Trombones a2, Bass Trombone Solo, Tenor Trombones a2, Tenor Trombone Solo)
  • Fixed: [PB-2004] - Script issue: COG not working when legato technique is present.
  • Fixed: [PB-2005] - Bass Trombone Solo - Short Marcato: G1-G#1 RR2-RR3 Tuning refinements.
  • Fixed: [PB-2175] - Multiple Instruments - Core Techniques: Purged articulations
  • Update: Removed Staccatissimo from Core techniques as they're available via tightness controller in Staccatos.

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