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What's the piece of music that you're most proud of?! Post a link and tell us what you loved about working on it!



  • Michael B. Oliva
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    Ive been a singer/guitar player for 20 years. So I bought a midi keyboard in the fall so I could add some synth to my Psychedelic Rock bands music cheaper than buying analogue gear. Went down the sample rabbit hole when I accidentally found bbc discover and then became obsessed with orchestra samples and now have decided I want to be a film composer. Still building a portfolio but I’m pretty proud of my growth in 5 months time - with no previous midi or video editing experience- I have about 40 pieces that I’m really proud of.

    I would be honored to hear what y’all think of this. It’s a bit long (14 min), but to get some practice in, I scored the 40s silent short film ‘meshes of the afternoon’. All sound in this video is my creation!


  • Albion One; first little tinker since purchasing a Spitfire Library. I think this theme has more to do with getting used to it all, than anything. Huge step up from cheap midi samples. Any way, had my fun and hope to improving as I continue! Btw, I notice Youtube doesn't sound as good as my onboard file. Any tips to fix this? Cheers, -Derrek

  • Hi all, great place for a forum, thanks Spitfire. After a 35 year procrastination, I've started writing music again (where did the 4-track tapes go?). Would appreciate any feedback for this as a newbie who has been going for about 4 months. Using Logic, BBCSO Core, AR1, Labs, Garritan's Yamaha Piano at Abbey Road, too much reverb probably.

  • Hi ! An "old" piece of music I'm proud of, made just for fun, using LCO and Sacconi.

    macOS 12.3-Pro Tools Ultimate-NI A61-RME/Audient

  • I think this is excellent - really emotional. I am just starting out and I wondered how you start thinking of a piece like this. It's really good and I think its great that you are back making music, and sharing it. If you can make music like this you have a gift. Keep them coming.

  • Outstanding - Just so I am clear. This is a professional piece you worked on or is this you scoring for fun against footage. I am just trying to understand if you are just starting out. It fits like a glove.

  • MrRoka
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    Hi All

    This is a piece I created today from a song I had out in 2019. I am trying to move my production to include more classical sounds, but also keep my roots and influences present. This is my new interpretation, so please give me feedback or ideas on how I can improve.

    As a follow on - I would also be interested to find out if others are trying to add or experimenting with adding new elements to their productions? I was inspired by Christian Henson coming from a drum and bass background and look what he can do.

    Many thanks Michael

  • Michael B. Oliva
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    Here are two short examples of my first attempts ever to score to picture, before I did that meshes of the afternoon video posted above!

    I tried my hand at the Joker bathroom scene here

    & Here I did my thing with an early Baldur's Gate 3 trailer!

  • This was for „The Cue Tubes Score Relief Scoring Competition 2021“ and the footage was already there for rescoring. But yes, it was the first time writing to picture for me. So thank you very much! :)

  • Keith Theodosiou
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    This is usually how i wirte. I like aggressive powerful cinematic music with a theme.

    I wrote this a few years ago and wanted to put it to picture but as i couln't find a good royalty free vid for it, i decided to record myself playing

    Ark Survival Evolved and just put it to that lol...

  • Thats good to know - I think its excellent and you are welcome.

    Do you have other music that we can listen to? Is this your only genre?

  • Henry
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    Hey people, this is all absolutely amazing! It's so inspiring to listen to your music.

    I just wanted to butt in to point out a few of the resources we have for composers to get their music out there and engage with each other.

    We have a monthly playlist for musicians making music with LABS, curated by us over at the LABS Soundcloud page:

    Perhaps you could consider checking out our LABS libraries, and incorporating them into one of your next projects. Here's the rules on the submission for the playlist:

    1. Upload your track featuring at least one LABS instrument to Soundcloud

    2. Tag your track with #labscommunity07 and the name of the instrument/s you used e.g #labslapsteel

    3. We'll listen to the submissions, and put our favourites into next months playlist!

    The LABS Community Instagram page is a lovely place where we feature lots of artists, host competitions and just gush about music-making in general:

    Finally, the amazing folks over at Pianobook are always happy to listen through and playlist demos that feature the free instruments that can be picked up from there. You can read more details about this here:

    I'll stop chuntering on about things you probably already know about now and get back to listening to all of your music. Big fan!

  • achilleas_adamidis
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    As common as this can be, the latest scoring assignment i'm most proud of is that of 'Spring' (:

    Though the ideas popped into my keyboard quite faster than usual, this instictive melodies captured the picture pretty nice in my eyes

    CC is welcome


  • I just want to say that you all are so talented! Such great pieces that I have been hearing from you all. 👍️

    "Anyone is capable of creating music, creating art, as long as it comes from the heart and is a

    true representation of the creator's voice."

    Website: | Youtube: