Anybody here has experience with composing/mixing/producing polystylistic music?

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I have been working on a polystylistic album and it just feels a bit lonely :) Anyways, I just wanted to share my latest polystylistic composition called Rucci.

Programmatic note: Rucci (read as Ruchi means taste in Tamil). Rucci is an experimental, polystylistic original composition that describes the nonlinear evolution of my taste in music. In this track, I first pay homage to several composers who've influenced my taste in music in the quest for finding my own voice. Second, Rucci is a song about Resonance and Dissonance - two fundamental reasons as to why I make music in the first place. Just like sympathetic resonance where a string responds to external vibrations at a resonating frequency, I believe that our taste in music is merely a reflection of our resonance with the composers and listeners around us. Similarly, the dissonance in my life and the way it interferes and battles with the resonance is depicted in this track. I've used the contrast between chromatic and diatonic to achieve this. Hope this track resonates with you

Genre: Polystylistic, (Introducing) Theatrical Progressive, Contemporary Classical, New Age, Soundtrack.



  • I listened to your track and unfortunately, it did not resonate. It's all over the place and while you obviously have talent, you need to organize your thoughts and communicate more clearly. If this is your mind, you are in chaos and while that's not a bad thing always, it's also not good. I apologize if this insults you but you have a good handle on the tech but have no understanding of composition. Take care and I wish you well.

  • Hello, first of all - thanks for actually listening to the track. I am not at all insulted by your comment but I guess I'd like to provide a bit more context on why I write music in the first place. I don't make music to earn a living and I don't intend to write hits where thousands of people headbang to it. The sole purpose of this track/album was to present an honest representation of the state of my mind and what I am going through without actually telling the listeners the specifics. So, the fact that you found it chaotic is accurate - since it's true to the state of my mind at this point in time. Van Gogh's paintings were all over the place - but that's still important to document because they reflected his schizophrenia! I don't have the same disease but I hope you get the parallel nonetheless. That's how I see this album and I completely get that it's what you felt (the album title "Wrong Side Out" points to this - me opening my vulnerabilities and chaos inside me for the world to take a peek).

    Not all my compositions are like this one - this was specifically intended to depict the manifestations of the resonances and dissonance within me and they don't occur linearly. You're welcome to check out my other pieces and see if this pattern holds true in every one of them:

    Having said all this, if there's any specific advice you have for me to improve my compositional skills (and not just listen to XXX artist), I'd be eager to learn about it. I write music to convey my stories and express my feelings - not to be on the pedestal with the greats - but if I can do it better, I'm all ears. Thanks again :)

  • I read your post. As I mentioned before, you have bags of raw talent. Keep writing cause music can also be therapy. I use music for that too. Most of us tend to write about our experiences whether it be anger, romance or drama of some sort. If you write for therapy and not for others, that's good for you. If you write to please others, that's not useful to you. I will indeed check out your link as I think you are a talented individual and also honest and sincere.

    Almost everyone would like others to appreciate what they create whether they be in arts or a composer and I agree that you should not tow any lines. Be individual, Be you and be happy with what you create. If you could bring your chaos to order in some way so the rest of us can be in awe of your message. Music is a communication tool, a universal language we all can understand. Paint your tapestry and try to remember that no one else lives in your head. Do your thing but try to communicate so someone else might understand and appreciate the skills you demonstrate and the feelings you need to emote. As Hans Zimmer puts it, Ask a question with your music and then answer it. I hope that helps.

  • Thank you - that certainly makes sense :) You are right in saying that my music sounds raw - after all, I have no formal musical training and I play and compose only by ear and based on how I feel. So I am certainly open to any avenues where I can better my craft :) Since I don't do it for a living or for commissions, my learning has been a bit unstructured - so what you are listening to is a manifestation of that.

  • Actually, I said you have bags of raw talent. I write like you. I have no formal training and play by ear so keep it up. You are on the right road. The only difference is, I do it for a living after years of trying to figure out what sells and what doesn't. Sometimes what I like in not what the client wants.

    There is nothing wrong in what you are doing. You have the skills. All you need to do is focus on a single idea and go for it. Try writing to a visual or a movie clip. You'll figure it out I'm sure.

  • Got it :) Thank you, I'll do my best to figure it out!