Symphonic Strings - What's new in the April 2021 Update

v1.4.2 (April 2021)

  • Fixed: [PB-2240] - Multiple Instruments - Performance Legato: Patches open in demo mode 

v1.4 (April 2021)

  • Fixed: [PB-823] - Celli - Performance Legato: 3-4dB swells after transition
  • Fixed: [PB-953] - Multiple Instruments - Spiccato: Inconsistent timing
  • Fixed: [PB-494] - Violins 1&2 - Multiple Articulations: Inconsistent ranges
  • Fixed: [PB-560] - Ensembles - Multiple articulations: Release length is controlled by velocity
  • Fixed: [PB-561] - Celli - Short Harmonics: Mapped one octave too low
  • Fixed: [PB-562] - Violins 1 - Trill Minor 3rd: G3 release trigger start point too late
  • Fixed: [PB-566] - Multiple Articulations: Tightness control has no effect
  • Fixed: [PB-614] - Multiple Instruments - All-in-one patches: Speed control is unused
  • Fixed: [PB-656] - Viola - Performance Legato: Hard attack 'bell' sound
  • Fixed: [PB-690] - Violins 1&2 - Short Spiccato: Inconsistent tightness
  • Fixed: [PB-707] - Multiple instruments - FX: Tuning refinements & sample starts too early
  • Fixed: [PB-732] - Celli - Performance legato: A3 and F4 tuning refinements
  • Fixed: [PB-766] - Ensembles - Long: Tuning refinements, G1 & F#1 non-vib
  • Fixed: [PB-768] - Basses - Long Super Sul Tasto: F#0 and G0 incorrect mapping
  • Fixed: [PB-850] - Violins 2 - Long CS: Loop point refinements
  • Fixed: [PB-1619] - Violin 2 - Performance Legato: Samples cut out while playing fast runs
  • Fixed: [PB-1646] - Violins 2 - Pizzicato: RR skips
  • Fixed: [PB-1825] - Celli - Long CS: Noisy sample, C1
  • Fixed: [PB-1826] - Ensembles - Spiccato: Slurred C#4 RR8, low velocity
  • Fixed: [PB-2047] - Basses - Short Spiccato: Inconsistent tightness, E2 RR2
  • Fixed: [PB-323] - Multiple Instruments - Performance Legato: Fast Runs envelope refinements
  • Fixed: [PB-923] - Violin 2 - Long Harmonics: Loop point refinements
  • Fixed: [PB-940] - Celli - Long: Hard attack, molto vibrato f F4
  • Fixed: [PB-339] - Multiple Instruments - Performance Legatos: UACC KS Note C-1


  • Sunny
    edited May 20

    The "Pro"-Version needs a "Pro"-Look! - The gui and the kontakt player-lib-picture needs the yellow "professional" from the spitfire-downloader library-picture.

    Also some overall gui overhaul is needed. most people use one kontakt-instrance per instrument - so there is a lot of more space for a bigger gui where we can choose from "all" mic-positions, more parameter, features and articulations. The pro-version feels not pro and all these different "mic- & articulation"-folders are a mess for the workflow. At least a "snapshot"-menue would be helpfull like heavyocity did it in their Forzo-, Vento- and Novo-Libraries - for example.

  • Angus
    Angus admin
    500 Comments 50 Answers 250 Likes Spitfire Employee

    Hi @Sunny

    Thanks for taking the time to write feedback here.

    To answer your first point about the GUI, and why it's not different like those in our Studio Orchestra range- the reason we have done this is in response to feedback from the Studio range. There were some customer who disliked the fact that they had to rebuild their templates if they started with the Core edition and upgraded to Pro, as these are treated as two different Kontakt libraires.

    Having the individual Symphonic Libraries contained within one library enables users to update their templates with the additional microphones rather than having to rebuild the template from scratch.

    On GUI, this is feedback we regularly get for our Kontakt libraires. Due to the lack of backwards compatibility in Kontakt, and the need to cater for a user base who need to use both Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 6, we build the libraries in an earlier version of Kontakt. What this means is that we cannot take advantage of the larger GUI size available in Kontakt 6 that other library manufacturers have taken the steps to update to- but with the downside of loosing potential user bases. This is a constraint of Kontakt rather than something that we can control.

    For workflow, I would recommend you create Kontakt Multi stacks of the different mic signal builds and then use the UACC Keyswitching functionality to switch between the different articulations.

  • thanks for the information @Angus

    yeah - there are always different workflows and preferences. I can understand that. I like improvements, using new possibilities and looking forwards. there are things like "freeze" in daw´s and how often will you load an old or finished track? also its not hard to copy the old midi-track and load the same articulation or multi to it from a new and better version. so these people are just lazy and kind of stucked in their old world imho ;-)

    But hey - it was an amazing deal - so I will take it as it is.

    All the best and stay safe! 🍀

  • yiph2
    edited May 20

    I don't think you know how big professional templates actually are. Templates can be over 500-1000+ tracks, and rebuilding them takes ages. And copying ever single track and loading a new patch is just a big waste of time

  • Edward
    edited May 20


    I have Artisan Brass for example - Min. Requirement is Kontakt 5.8. The interface is enormous. Ditto for Sonokinetic Noir - Kontakt ver 5, HUGE interface. So are you building your instruments in Kontakt 4 then? Kontakt 6 has been out for 3 years now btw.

  • Because all of your 500 to 1000 tracks uses SSS 😂🤦‍♂️

  • You think and judge wrong buddy 🙄

    And of course all of your 1000 tracks uses SSS 😏

  • yiph2
    edited May 30

    You are obviously a troll here. I never said that 1000 tracks are all SSS... You still need to rebuild if the libraries are different. And if you look at professional templates, indeed all of them have that many tracks.