ADVNTG - Sketches EP

In a shift away from the hefty electronic music I've previously released under the moniker 'ADVNTG', I've got an EP coming out on Friday that I've been wanting to write for years. Finally through February it all came together; written, arranged and mixed. It's piano-led, orchestral, electronic music in a festival of Spitfire Audio & Pianobook.

Here's a little tease before Friday where I'll follow up with the full tracks and some of the deep meaning backstory behind how they came about.


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    OUT NOW:

    Written and arranged in a week, whilst in hospital, this EP came from a pretty dark place but is full of hope and intrigue. Nearly everything you're hearing is Spitfire Audio & Pianobook Libraries (with the exception of the percussion and the synths that I programmed in Serum).

    01 Never Been - An introspective look at the things that didn't happen. It's a lament, echoed in the cluster vocals, but the slowly driving piano offers a suggestion at the things yet to come.

    02 Phosphamide - Fusion of synthetic and organic, where the two collide in musical Chemotherapy.

    03 Window View - A reflective piece exploring the yearning to move forward - possibly my favourite; those strings at 1'40 😍

    04 Belladonna - The toxic flower. Beautiful to look at but when it takes hold, who knows what the effect will be.

    Please give it a listen, maybe even a share. Most of all, I'd love to hear what you think.


  • This is incredible! And what a timing - the intimate instruments gives the feeling like the new Spitfire Heirloom (shameless non-sponsored plug haha) but man these are incredible! So much emotion in them. I think Heirloom would be such an amazing fit to these pieces.

    Certainly recognized a few of the sounds from Spitfire, and I love just how empty and how full the sounds can be. The synth integration in the pieces are really well done! I wish I could find sounds like these that fit so well within their context.

    They all revolve around a central theme - and a story. This would fit perfectly with movies!

    Amazing job and wish you well in your recovery!

  • Thanks!! Means the world to read your thoughts and to know you enjoyed it.

    The stalling block now is how to get it out into the wider world, this self promo thing is fiercely hard.