History of Fire part 2

Hi all, this is my first post on this forum. This piece was done exclusively with BBCSO Pro, which I recently downloaded. I'm relatively new to using virtual orchestral instruments, but I have previously written a couple of pieces with BBCSO Core. Welcome any comments or suggestions.


  • Hello! First of all, welcome to our *very large* community at spitfire audio!

    This sounds really cool. Love that intro with the percussion and the piano keeping the rhythm up throughout the beginning of the piece. Then came the really colorful part near 0:50 with the piano and the xylophone. It's so melodic and playful.

    That sudden drop at 1:30 created more motion, contrast and interest.

    The only thing suggestion I can think of is that the percussion seems a little too soft in some spots, or distant, or it could just be my headphones :)

    Well done!!

  • Welcome! I love this piece, it develops very smoothly, you feel like you want to go on and that's a very good sign. I agree with Londoneye330 that the percussions could be more vibrant in some areas of the piece, but in general throughout it. ETA: my son, who plays piano, loved it :)

  • Thanks for the feedback, Londoneye330 and Alessandro. I will definitely go back and review the percussion. Big learning curve to learn this instrument, but how wonderful to sit at my keyboard and have the orchestra at my fingertips!

  • I enjoyed this, too, Early21. Full of harmonic and melodic inventiveness, bouncy rhythms and a playful, zinging vibe. That solo violin comes across particularly well, too.

    The only suggestion I would make, sound-wise, is that the piano/xylophone semiquavers and the string spiccato ostinatos (spiccati ostinati?) are, for me, just a little too heavily quantised to sound convincingly human. But this doesn't detract from the overall flair and fun of the piece. Bravo!

  • Thank you, Rizzio, that's very helpful feedback. I will take another look at it.