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A drum kit library performed by renowned session drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. — most well-known as Sir Paul McCartney’s touring drummer since 2001.

Recorded at the iconic Henson Studios, Los Angeles, at the heart of this library is a versatile selection of highly detailed and deeply sampled single hits, offering complete control of the character of a groove across a wide dynamic range.

Watch the walkthrough:

Available now for just £29/$29/€29 - https://bit.ly/3JOl6eU


  • Do the loops in this plugin have a sync to tempo, or is the bpm fixed?

  • Yes, they are syncing up in Ableton.

    The Tom Kit (120bpm) with a load of Hype & Reverb slowed down to 80bpm sounds great. Big rocky vibes.

  • Lot's and lots of cut outs with the drum loops. Sometimes they play, most often the don't

  • Sarah
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    Hi @PaulW - sorry to hear you're having issues with Abe Laboriel Jr Drums!

    What are your system specs?

  • My system specs are:

    Windows 11

    AMD RYZEN9 3900x

    64 Gig Ram

    Libraries installed on Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD

    Daw is Studio One Latest version



  • Sarah
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    Thanks @PaulW - I've just created a support ticket for you so we can dive further into this!

  • Thanks @Sarah . I'm going to do a check my end as well as I noticed something very odd last night with Studio One. It seemed to be switching mute onto some tracks randomly. I'll let you know if I find anything.

  • @Sarah I think it is something to do with Studio one. I've just had the drums drop out again and noticed that somehow something had triggered a mute on that track.

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    I’m using Abe and don’t understand how the loops syncs as you change keys. Let’s say the loop is 60bpm but the loop still synchs with a logic session at 90bmp etc…all good on that ) the keys should catch :synch with whatever key is chosen next (like a fill or alternate version of the loop? I must be doing something wrong or not understanding.

    Also does anyone have a manual of exactly what colored keys represent what exactly on the interface keyboard ?

  • I'm enjoying using the Library but that would indeed be useful.

  • I sent spitfire some examples of the same loop not syncing timing wise…. Let’s see what’s up. It’s a shame because if editing is the only way to use the loops then you can’t audition for composing or playing live

  • I’m using logic . When you switch keys on the midi keyboard within the same loop are your loop variations staying /syncing in time with each other? Or do you need to edit them after to stay in time ? Thanks

  • how can I map individual drums to pads on mpc renissance?