Symphonic Woodwinds - What's new in the April 2021 Update

v1.3.1 (April 2021)

  • Fixed: [PB-657] - Bass Clarinet - Long: Audible re-tongue during loop
  • Fixed: [PB-711] - Clarinet Solo - Trill (Major 2nd): Incorrect Sample
  • Fixed: [PB-930] - Bassoon a2 - Multitongue: Glitches when sync to tempo is enabled
  • Fixed: [PB-931] - Bass Clarinet - Staccato: Tightness has no effect
  • Fixed: [PB-932] - Flute Solo - Multitongue: Dropouts when sync to tempo is enabled
  • Fixed: [PB-1790] - Flute Solo & Flutes a2 - Legato: Stereo width/panning not functioning
  • Fixed: [PB-1932] - Flute Solo & Flutes a2 - Multitongue: Release Trigger type UI issue
  • Fixed: [PB-764] - Solo Flute & Alto Flute: keyswitches inconsistent between Extended Techniques and All-in-one patches
  • Fixed: [PB-669] - Flute Solo & Flutes a2 - Trills: Tuning refinements
  • Fixed: [PB-2146] - Multiple Articulations: Sync to tempo voice count incorrectly set
  • Fixed: [PB-943] - Multiple Articulations: Tightness has no effect (Piccolo - Short Staccato, Piccolo - Short Marcato, Piccolo - Short Tenuto, Clarinets a2 - Short Tenuto, Clarinets a2 - Short Marcato, Oboes a2 - Short Marcato)


  • Hello, hello,

    I bought Symphonic Woodwinds in august last year but haven't delved seriously into it until now.

    I'm sad to say, when using it with only close mics, the amount of audible re-tounging and clacking and taking a new breath and, on some notes, a deep rumble, is quite astonishing. If you're repeating short notes you get a a small choir of clacking and clicking following everything.

    I'm afraid to say this but it comes across as really shoddy work.

    Try the close mic of the Marcato on the Bass Flute for instance. These seem like things that could have been completely avoided with more careful recording and precise editing of the samples (the Solo Clarinet Staccato for instance, is – considering how the rest of the library sounds – surprisingly clean).

    Spitfire Audio seem to put so much care and passion and work into these libraries (and the presentation of them online), so is this just what we're supposed to expect? Is this the standard? For 599£? Am I just using it wrong?

    Enclosing a single not from the Solo Clarinet Legato with what sounds like seat-shifting.