Closer to What We Missed - By the 88Freqs

Dedicated to everyone who lived the past two years in lockdown together, but apart.

It’s a mixture of emotion. Remembering fondly, anticipating excitedly, waiting patiently, and living comfortably until we reach tomorrow – together.

Elements of Nature and Symphony provide fond memories. Basses provide a solemn feel. Violins provide happiness. The beat interchanges, as does life. Finally, a piano sings the story.

I made a web page for the song that explains why I wrote it for you all and gets into the instruments and cover art a little more. Please feel free to visit my site and let me know what you think. I value your opinion.

Here is a link for all the details about the song: Closer to What We Missed, A New Single By The 88Freqs

Here is the song from SoundCloud.

Instruments I Used

I loved this experimentation with LABS and Spitfire Audio's BBCSO Core "Basses" and "Violins 1". The LABS I used included Organic Textures "Thunder and Birdsong", Glass Piano "Glass Grand Soft" and "Glass Piano Anthem"

A very loving Thanks to Phil Glass and the Spitfire Audio LABs team.

Phill Glass‘ baby grand piano has a pure soul. I love playing the keys of his piano. I grew up playing on an old baby grand, so its sound brings me fond memories. It is an honour to play with a sound that Mr. Glass likely loved and cherished for many years. Thank you very much for recording it, and for providing it to us on Spitfire Audio LABS for free. What a gift.

Dear Mr. Glass, my hope, is that my experimentation with sound has served your lovely beloved instrument well.


Dave, of the 88Freqs


  • Well done Dave!

    Certainly I had lots of fun playing around with the glass piano, it gave so much texture yet it is merely a piano!

    You certainly did an amazing job on the track. I loved the Thunder and Birdsongs on it, I recognized it the moment it entered the tracks, it fits the piece really well!

    The percussion also fits the atmosphere of the overall song, if not enhanced it!

  • I really appreciate it @Londoneye330.

    It was a lot of fun creating the beat and finding the Piano's song. I agree, Glass Piano is absolutely fabulous. I got lost in the groove of it all for quite a while.

    Christian Henson had talked about "becoming the voice" of an instrument in a number of his video's. I like to imagine myself playing each instrument in Abby Road studios lol. Growing up, I played a number of instruments, but when I started to imagine myself really playing drums or Violin, it all became a lot more fun to do on the home studio piano keys. Glad he had mentioned that idea.

    Funny thing is that it's so much easier for me to play violin from my Piano keys lol. 😜