Return my offer

Now there is a promotion at Abbey Road One Orchestral Foundations and Selections and the price is 314 euros. But I had an offer in my personal account for 219 euros. I went in recently to buy and found that the price had become 314 euros. How can I return my offer?


  • Hi Rustamh

    I think you need to write the support, to get your question answered.




  • This glitch you speak of has actually happened to me, if you open the link through your email you get the offer but if you load spitfire on normal website it doesn't recognise that you had this offer.

    It's a weird one but that's the only help I can offer.

    You should really keep this private with spitfire though mate, it's a common courtesy.

  • I think it has something to do with the purchase of Appassionata.